Guatemala | Jorge Perez | Huehuetenango | Adiesto - Light Roast


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Flavor Profile: Rich and full bodied with tropical fruit and chocolate tones with hints of rose and butter in the clean finish.

-Roast: Light

-Farmer: Jorge Perez

-Region: Department of Huehuetenango

-Process: Washed

-Elevation: 1600-1800 meters

-VarietyTypica, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

More info about this coffee:

This lot produced by Jorge Perez and family, cupped so well at the co-op they decided to let it stand on its own as a micro-lot.  Marked by its initial richness and tropical fruit notes and superior clarity all the way through to its finish, we agreed and had to have it. Additional renumeration was provided to the Perez family and the coop for their efforts. 

ADIESTO is an association of small coffee producers located in the mountainous area of the Huista region in Huehuetenango. Since the growing altitude is between 950 and 1,800 meters above sea level, ADIESTO produces parchment coffee with special SHB quality characteristics. 

The co-op is composed of 550 members (150 women and 400 men) from small coffee farms in 30 different communities. Together, they farm 358.7 hectares and produce 15,000 quintals of parchment coffee per year. 

The Co-Op also focuses on training producers to grow sustainably, including using the wet method of milling and drying of coffee in order to protect and preserve the landscape. ADIESTO provides technical assistance, smaller project loans, and financing for marketing, maintenance and harvesting of coffee to its members.