Honduras | Finca La Guadalupe - Medium Roast


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Flavor Profile:  Rich chocolate infused body balanced by orange like citrus acidity and herbal and nut tones in the finish. 

Roast: Medium

RegionLa Labor, Ocotepeque

Farm (Finca): La Guadalupe

Elevation:  1,500 - 1,700 meters

VarietyPacas, Borbon, Catuai

Process: Wet process, Patio Dried

More Info about this coffee

Cherries are pre-selected using a siphon to remove any floaters, stones or unripe cherries. The ripe cherries are then mechanically de-pulped & fermented aerobically for 20-24hrs. After the coffee is flushed with water, via a selection channel that separates by density. Only the first cut of coffees are included in this batch.

Additionally, a cupping lab was recently installed at the collection center which will help ensure quality of individual lots and improve consistency year over year. 

More Info about this farm

Over 40 years ago, Selin Recinos Sr. and Petrona Perez started Finca La Guadalupe as a small plot of land, hoping it would help their family prosper. Slowly but surely, through their hard work and dedication, the plot grew and was passed onto subsequent generations. Now, four families, including Selin Recinos Jr., continue to run and expand the farm.

Selin Jr.’s love for coffee and agriculture matches his commitment to growing high quality coffee in a sustainable manner, minimizing water use, protecting the wildlife on his farms, and planting new trees. In 2003, Selin Jr. participated in the first coffee competition, a precursor to Cup of Excellence, and won 4th place. Since then, he has participated in many competitions and his coffees are always highly regarded.

After his father’s passing, Selin Jr. took over the farm, in addition to looking after his sister’s lands. Selin’s wife, Blanca, is a coffee cupper and together they continue the legacy of quality and sustainability that started in La Labor long ago.


-Direct Trade

-Certified Organic