Colombia | Antioquia/Finca Cocondo - Light Roast


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Flavor Profile: Red and orange citrus tones, smooth caramel like body with light notes of walnut and spice in the finish.


Roast: Light

Region: Antioquia

Farm (Finca): Cocondo

Elevation: 1600 meters

Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Process: Washed, Solar Dried on Raised Tables , GrainPro

More Info about this coffee

This micro-lot (25 export bags) is the product of Finca Cocondo’s owner Luis Emilio Vélez’s drive for sustainability: Cocondo is the only certified organic farm in Antioquia, with permaculture and biodynamic principles informing Luis’s quest for closed-loop operation.

Starting about a year ago, the dry milling has been done by our new found friend and coffee artisan - Café Permgamino’s Pedro Miguel Echazarria. The teaming of Luis and Pedro gives us high hopes that Cocondo’s quality and sustainability will continuously improve, making it an annual fixture on our menu.

-Certified Organic & Shade Grown

-Kosher & Direct Trade