CoffeeSock Coldbrew Filter | Cold Press Elixir Filter - Personal


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Coffee Sock Cold Press Filter - Personal 

32oz Cold Press filter made of 100% Organic Cotton. This is the filter we use here at Tiny Footprint Coffee (not this exact filter, we'll send you a brand new one). We also make Cold Press in 5 gallon batches; assuming you don't need that much, this size will be the perfect place to start.

Why cotton?

-Cotton fibers are less soluble than paper fibers. This means when you brew your cup of morning joe, you get less of the paper and allow more of true coffee flavors to shine.

-IT IS REUSABLE. This means less waste for you and the planet.  

ColdBrew Instructions     [4oz Coffee + 20 oz Water]

1) CoffeeSock recommends boiling new filters for 10 minutes to remove loose fibers.

2) Fit the CoffeeSock over a wide or normal mouth canning jar.

3) Add desired amount of coarsely ground coffee. [We recommend a coffee to water ratio of 1:5oz to make a concentrate] 

4) Add half the amount of water and stir/shake, making sure that all the grounds are saturated with water. This helps avoid dry pockets and under extraction. 

5) Add the remaining water and seal up the CoffeeSock. For help with this set, watch the video explaining what to do. 

6) Remove CoffeeSock, rinse clean and hang dry. 

7) Take a deep breath, enjoy. 

*Handsewn in Austin, TX.*