Cloud Forest Coffee Farms 2016 - 2017 Harvest


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Roast: Medium

Region: Northeast Ecuador

FARM: Tambo Quinde

Elevation: 1800 meters

 More about this Coffee

Check out our newest offering from Cloud Forest Coffee Farms (CFCF) in Ecuador. This bright, aromatic coffee is unique in a few different ways. First, it’s grown in the Tandayapa Valley at an ideal 6000 feet in elevation (1800masl) right on the equator. This is located just above the areas where our reforesting takes place. Secondly, this coffee is setting a precedent in sustainable agriculture. CFCF is  leveraging interdependent agro-forestry systems to buffer and restore cloud forest habitat. This means as this edible and productive forest is growing, the different elements complement each other, including the shade that coffee needs to mature and develop its complex flavor profile. Third, all of the land that Cloud Forest Coffee Farms is growing coffee on was previously clear-cut, stripped of its natural vegetation, and replanted with non-native grasses for slash-and-burn beef and dairy agriculture.

Non-native grass species strip the soil of nutrients and are not viable long-term in this part of the Andes. Plus, the hills are steep, the cows (just a touch too thin to be productive) they’ve got skinny feet (free pound of coffee for the first person who emails us with that reference) mix this with occasional erosion and you’ve got tumbles for the animals. By planting coffee, along with native and other complimentary agro-forestry species, CFCF is helping restore the soil and providing habitat for birds and other creatures of the cloud forest.

 Cloud Forest Coffee Farms is an alliance of coffee growers who want to promote sustainable agriculture with sustainable coffee. By growing coffee using agroforestry CFCF is not only helping the environment, but also bolstering the local economy and creating sustainable jobs within their community. Their cause is noble, however, they are in the beginning stages of development and the certifications that we typically look for, such as organic and Fair Trade, aren’t yet in place. Over the coming seasons, CFCF is going to document and blog about their journey to becoming fully organic. It will be both a learning and interesting experience for all involved.

CFCF is an important friend of Tiny Footprint. We seek sustainability in every aspect of our business and are always looking to collaborate with like-minded people. CFCF is taking important strides for sustainability in coffee and we’re happy to support them. You can buy their coffee here, and, for the next couple weeks, you can help support them even more directly by contributing to their ongoing Indiegogo campaign (will be linked).

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