East Timor | Cooperativa Café Timor - Medium Roast


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Flavor Profile: Full Indonesian body, with pleasantly clean notes of cocoa and apricot, balanced by subtle acidity and a sweet finish.


East Timor Cooperativa Cafe Timor

-Roast: Medium 

- Region: Ainaro, Ermera, and Lequisa, East Timor

- Process: Fully washed and sun dried

- Elevation: 800-1600 meters

- Tree Varieties: Bourbon and Timor

- Soil: Volcanic Loam


-Certified Organic

-Fair Trade Certified




Here’s a coffee paradox that works: cherries harvested from a rustic coffee forest under full multi-species shade then processed in a modern mill by skilled artisans.

Timor’s CCT Cooperative is the result of post-war reactivation of rustic shade plantation that were once abandoned due to dangerous conditions as rebels struggled for independence from Indonesia. The rebirth: quality coffee coming from the unlikely concurrence of modern milling facilities (built by local leadership with USDA provided technical and financial assistance) next to the rustic-shade coffee farms has built an economic engine that has greatly improved the farmers standard of living. Included in this is a free healthcare initiative, operated by CCT, which has funded the operation of seven rural clinics, three mobile clinic teams and eleven community healthcare teams that have treated more than two million patients since 2001.